July 14, 2011

10 great pranks on your Boss

Eight hours in an office scene often gets monotonous and nerve racking. We have to at times lighten our mood and bring humor into our everyday activities and Pranks are the best to cheer us up.But if given a choice, who would you chose to do the prank on in office? Yup we know, you would always like to start with your Boss.

Here are some of the pranks that are tried on a boss:

Cups filled with water prank!

All you need is hundreds of plastic cups placed in your bosses office. Fill each cup with water and place them all over the floor. Your Boss can obviously not get rid of them easily. He will have to move each of the glass at a time and sure will make him frustrated.

Shock your boss with freaky Staplers and Pens:

Yes you can surprise your boss with a shock stapler or a shock Pen. They are not of high voltage which can cause any serious trouble to your boss. Adding a note "do not touch" will make your boss more curious to use it.

Pictures of your boss:

This could be a little offending to your in case if he does not take it in the right spirit. So be careful when you try this. Print pictures of your boss or a funny character and paste it all over in his/her office. It could be a nice B'day prank also.

Plastic wrap your Boss car:

Wrap up your Bosses car with the cling easy wrap. It will not damage your Boss car but he/she will have a tough time removing it.

Mouse click switch:

Go to the Windows Control Panel and double-click "Mouse." Switch the right mouse button so that it's activated by the left mouse button, and vice-versa. For even more fun, make the mouse go as slowly as you can, then laugh as it takes them forever for your Boss to switch it back.

The Balloon stack up:

A simple but effective office prank. But you will need some man power for this. Get all your best trusted and friendly colleagues and make them blow and stack up some hundred balloons. Fill your bosses cabin with the balloons. Very simple and not so very frustrating for your boss.

A more elaborate Word prank:

A more elaborate Word prank is to use the "AutoCorrect" feature to turn everyday words into wacky variations. In Word 2002, go to Tools > AutoCorrect Options. Make sure "Replace text as you type" is checked. In the box below, you can add new words. You want to use common words, but not too common. Here are some suggestions:

hello:yo yo yo (or "what up")
person's name:Batman (or Wonder Woman)
This prank also works with Microsoft Excel.

Another Car prank:

You can take Car pranks to another level, by clamping your Bosses car. But would get you into a lot of trouble if you get caught!

The Keyboard Prank:

Change the keyboard input maps on your bosses computer!
Go to Start Menu > Settings > Control Panel > Keyboard
Click the "Input Locales" tab
Click the "Change" button

Click "Add" to add a new keyboard input map or language
Click OK
It's a great prank because you can go from subtle (Romanian or Spanish) to extreme (Traditional Chinese).

Post it:

This is a classic prank done on Bosses. All you need is a lot of sticky post-it notes and bombard your victims office with it. Then just stick them on his personal system, the keyboard and mouse. Using different colors can help you annoy your boss.

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