July 14, 2011

5 must read business books of 2011

Are you planning to launch your first stepping stone in business world? And you want to be acquainted with the know how of the business strategies, its pros and cons. Then here we present you the most effective tools towards your success. We are bringing the top five must read business books which will not only make you aware of what's ahead in your business scenario, but also gets you prepared for the big bad competitive world.

Here the top 5 must read business book for our readers which are culmination of the struggles and lesson from our big business giants and gurus, and we guarantee you surely will not like to miss out on any one of them.

1. I'm Feeling Lucky
The Confessions of Google Employee Number 59
By Doug Edwards

There have been many fine books written about Google and its impact on the world, but all have been told from an outsider's perspective. I'm Feeling Lucky is a personal accounting of what the author felt like to be part of the company as it grew from sixty people to tens of thousands.
In the book, personal anecdotes are interspersed with an explanation of the key events in Google's technical development, largely told in the words of those who actually built the systems that made Google work as fast and well as it does. Many of these individuals have remained anonymous until now.

I'm Feeling Lucky is really aimed at those who are interested both in what Google did to ensure success during its formative years and how it felt to be an ill-prepared participant dropped into the heart of an exploding startup.

It gives insight as to what is the Google workplace like compared to other companies and how Google dealt with user privacy issues, what were the most significant problems, what was it really like behind the scenes of the Google-AOL deal and things that people should know about Google that they do not already know.

Comparing Google to an ordinary business is like comparing a rocket to an Edsel. I'm Feeling Lucky captures for the first time the unique, self-invented, yet profoundly important culture of the world's most transformative corporation.

2. Warren Buffett Invests Like a Girl
And Why You Should, Too
By Louann Lofton

Warren Buffett Invests like a Girl offers a new perspective to Warren buffets investment success. Women and Warren Buffett have something in common: They are both better investors than the average man. Women are thorough researchers, more committed to the long-term plan and better at managing their emotions, say LouAnn Lofton, author of Warren Buffett Invests like a Girl: and Why You Should Too.

The first step in investing is to recognize that investing is not that hard and great success can come from investing in companies you understand. Look at the products you know and trust the ones you use and tell friends about. These can be great investment opportunities.

And if you want to learn directly from Mr. Buffett, Ms. Lofton suggests reading his letters to shareholders. Though geared toward women, Ms. Lofton's book can benefit men as well if they are willing to tap into their feminine side.

A debut author impugns Warren Buffett's masculinity in a good way and asserts that feminine thinking like his is what leads to investment riches.

3. Beyond Performance
How Great Organizations Build Ultimate Competitive Advantage
By Scott Keller and Colin Price

This book reveals the secret of achieving and sustaining organizational excellence. In an ever-changing world where only a third of excellent organizations stay that way over the long term, and where even fewer are able to implement successful change programs, leaders are in need of big ideas and new tools to thrive. In Beyond Performance, McKinsey & Company's Scott Keller and Colin Price give you everything you need to build an organization that can execute in the short run and has the vitality to prosper over the long term.

Drawing on the most exhaustive research effort of its kind on organizational effectiveness and change management, Keller and Price put hard science behind their big idea: that the health of an organization is equally as important as its performance.

This book is written for those who intend to beat these odds. Based on one of the most extensive research efforts ever undertaken in the field of management, Beyond Performance shows how leaders can deliver performance today while also ensuring that their organizations stay fit for the future.

4. Solving Employee Performance Problems
How to Spot Problems Early, Take Appropriate Action, and Bring Out the Best in Everyone
By Anne Bruce

Solving Employee Performance Problems provides the tools you need to handle the most difficult employees from the chronically late or distractingly dramatic to the disruptive, dishonest, or downright insubordinate.

Taking a heavy-handed approach to such behaviors might make you feel good for a little while but using the measured, proactive techniques outlined in this book will be better for you, your staff, and your business. With Solving Employee Performance Problems, you will learn how to take ownership of your employees' behaviors, master conversations about poor performance, conduct productive follow-ups, and ultimately generate greater engagement and ownership of work, Higher levels of collaboration and productivity, Increased loyalty and retention rates , Gainful ROI from everyone who works for you.

There is a direct link between growth of individual employees and organizational growth. Use Solving Employee Performance Problems to be someone who manages proactively. It is the only way to make a positive difference in the life of your employee and make a positive impact on the future of your company.

5. School for Startups
The Breakthrough Course for Guaranteeing Small Business Success in 90 Days or Less
By Jim Beach, Chris Hanks, David Beasley

It is a Beginner's Guide to Low-Risk Entrepreneurship. If you want to start your own business, but "risk" isn't your middle name. You're not alone. Many successful entrepreneurs are averse to risk--but they have learned the tricks to working around it. And now you can too, with School for Startups.

This practical guide shows you how to build a business the smart way--without risking major assets such as your house, savings account, or health insurance.

You will learn how to increase your chance of success by funding your venture without investors, Entering international markets , Taking full advantage of tools on the Web , Marketing your product or service for little or no cost , Deploying a third party to package and ship products and Taking control of an existing business or franchise.

The authors present hundreds of the best ideas for new businesses, along with case studies proving the effectiveness of their approach.

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