July 28, 2011

Do you know What Motivates Serial Entrepreneurs?

Starting an enterprise kills the mind and energy of many entrepreneurs. So what is that which encourages some entrepreneurs to constantly shrub up new enterprises one after another, even if they fail in any? Lets us look upon some of the facts that motivate these entrepreneurs to keep going.

Venture Capitalist Ecosystem

The venture capitalists ecosystem is providing a better platform for serial entrepreneurs. The VCs are ready to invest in new businesses that come up with brilliant and innovative ideas. This encourage the entrepreneurs to approach them with their out of the box ideas and get funding in spite of stressing self for accumulating fund to start the business. Getting funding from VCs provides an upper hand to them, as they can focus more on other aspects for developing their business. These VCs, who come with great experience, provides guidance and support in terms of management, which enhances their ability to succeed in their new venture

Passion for More

One of the most important elements for being a serial entrepreneur is the add factor. They have a passion for their work and want to keep on adding new enterprises and more title to their credit. What is required is being more and more passionate about their ideas and innovative in their concept to break the existing ones. The taste of success always thrives them to come up with new ventures.


An entrepreneur has a brilliant idea, but does not have the necessary talent to kick start it, he needs others to step in to take them for a deep swim. In such situations, serial entrepreneurs play an important role in guiding them in the process of running operations, building strategic partnerships, to set financial priorities or take off the business on time. These serial entrepreneurs help them by being one of the co-founders of the company and helping them with their experience and even providing them a readymade market for their product.

Playing with Risk

Risk is an inseparable part of any business. Serial entrepreneurs love to play with risk. The risk factor brings in more enthusiasm in them to overcome it and capture success. Once they overcome the risk of initial startup stage, they hop up into starting another venture, where they will encounter the same risk with same gusto. They carry on, but with precautions so that it would not affect them badly in the due course of entrepreneur life

Being Independent

Entrepreneur is a synonym of Independence for many. Entrepreneurs come up with ideas not only to gain financial benefits but also to be independent in their own terms and work accordingly. Many entrepreneurs are such who are interested to bring in certain positive changes in the society. Starting an enterprise in a rural area tends towards various other developments, such as construction of roads, schools, hospitals and many more, which contributes towards social development.

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