July 27, 2011

Five Sales Enhancement Tips for Start-Ups

Many entrepreneurs who start technology companies are people who have previously worked for a large company. Most startups generally have little or no sales experience and lacks to pick up their company sales and earn profit in the short as well as long run. But if they follow the following few elements of sales, they surely will be able to enhance it and earn a considerable amount of profit and goodwill.

Understand the Pain Points

Creating a product for customer is not enough, what is required is the correct product placement in the mind of the target consumer. You should be able to understand the pain points of the consumers and try to position your product benefits against those pain points. Even the entrepreneurs who are directly adding their customers on a website need to answer this question through great web content and focus on the pain points of the consumers.

Concentrate on the Existing Clients

80 percent of the business comes from 20 percent of the existing clients. So why waste money for acquiring new customers. Focus on over all satisfaction of the existing one and they will bring you reference for new clients, which is possible only when the existing customer is satisfied with your sales and after sales service. The reference helps you curtail the cost of advertisement for acquiring new customers.

Search Engine Optimization

Provide a better and strong key word to enhance the search on web. This will help you provide the clear picture of your company to a large number of audiences through enhanced search. What is needed is to portray the important features of your company explaining about the benefits that you and your company can provide over your competitors.


Sales innovation is as important as product innovation. The best products will remain unsold if not presented in a different and innovative manner to the target audience. Try to reach to the target audience through every possible means but the approach should be different. Find your target audience and then try to concrete on an innovative approach to reach them.

The Real Sales Test

The real sales test is to create a demand for your product in the mind of the consumer to purchase your product instantly. If your supply matches the demand cycle of the consumers then you have reached the correct graph of selling your product to your target consumer. But most important is to attract your prospective consumers to turn into instant consumer. Create need for your product, may be with additional benefits, free gifts or samples, coupons, or after sales service. Once they enter into your product zone, provide with better product and service to keep them attracted towards your product, company and loyalty. Come up with special loyalty program to provide them with extra benefits, as the word extra is a very powerful tool when it comes to consumer satisfaction.


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