July 5, 2011

How to Deal with a Nasty Boss

Have you ever quit a job because of your boss? A good boss can play a very important role in an employee?s life simultaneously a bad or nasty boss can leave a depressing impact. We all know that bosses have a huge responsibility towards his work and have to manage a huge empire of workforce. One can tackle pressure from boss to a certain extend but work pressure is a natural phenomena ion every organization. But things become nasty to you only when your boss turns nasty to you.

They can change our work situation with their power. Because of various nasty, unhealthy behaviors from boss, many people end up with quitting the job. But that is not the solution. People do not want to quit the job but the boss. Sometimes we see that they try to adjust with the problem because of the fear of losing the job. However the only mantra in such a situation is to find some solution for it and not to quit and run away from your job. First of all we should know the type of the boss, and accordingly tackle them.

Limited conversation

Always limit your conversation with your boss so that there will be less chances to have any kind of argument. Talk only about your work or any office related issue and also wait for the right time to speak. Never give your boss to pinpoint any faults and make sure you never miss out any deadlines.

Speak to your colleagues

May be you are not the only target of your boss in the office. Talk to your colleagues and take their opinions too about your boss. Discuss with them about the problems and each of you can find solution from one another in this way you can get ways to deal with your boss.

Complain about your boss

Many times we can see that some bosses behave indecently, or they lack the proper mannerism, especially with women employees. Every organization should have a forum to discuss and complain any kind of sexual harassment in their work place by the boss. It will lead to a secure workplace for women.

Stand for yourself

Always think about your self-respect. If you are wrong, rectify yourself and do your work properly on time. But if you feel that you are right and just because you have a nasty boss you are suffering his tantrums then do not. Stand for yourself and speak to him about your problem. Some bosses have no idea what actually the problem the employee is facing and they just end up yelling at them. Even some bosses have no idea how they have been treating their employees until employees speak up.

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