August 7, 2011

Is the glory over for Indian cricket Team?

Are the Indians ready to sob as the coffin of Indian cricket team slowly lowers into the grave? The absolute defeat in the first two test matches against England is making people bite off their nails in anxiety. It is sad, but there are high possible chances that England might snatch the crown of best Test playing team in the world. Everyone around is buzzing in with their expert comments. News channels are in chase to come up with enough shows about whats wrong with Indian cricket team and newspapers publishing front page articles questioning team's position. So can we say these 9 days changed the course of Test cricket?

India has been ruling the number position for some time now. But coming to the point, deep down we all know that this day had to come. The Indian team has never been ruthless or dominating. Though we have one of the best batting line ups, that has not been enough to maintain the hot spot. With bowlers having more bad days than good ones, it is going to be terrifying task to hold the number one position

There are no doubts regarding M.S. Dhoni's role in India's rise to the top. However, batting is our strength, but has majority of aged players in the team who are on the verge of retirement. And soon a time will come when Dhoni will run out of tricks to get India going and this is what exactly happened in the England test series

There have been several instances when the team could not beat its rival when the scoreboard wanted just 16 runs with 4 wickets in hand. They could not chase mere 120 runs to register their win in Barbados and the team wrapped up their bags for just 120 runs against Sri Lanka in the world cup semi final. But, we should try and take positives out of all the above situations, because we are still World Champions and number one in test cricket

However, apart from all these short comings, being at the top is commendable, and the fact that we managed to clinch to that position for some while is like an added bonus. Indians always need an element of drama. So,not to lose hope , because we still have a better chance to bounce back in the game with two more test matches remaining. And who knows, we can again be lucky enough to stay at the top. Fingers Crossed!

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