August 10, 2011

Is your unhappy mode affecting your job satisfaction?

Are you unhappy at life? And is it affecting your job satisfaction? There are many people, who are unhappy with their job and even surveys show that people leave their jobs because of no job satisfaction. But the job satisfaction always does not depend on the work problem or the issues with management, rather, there are various other factors that can lead one to lack of job satisfaction. And the variety of factors can influence a person's level of job satisfaction.

A survey from The Conference Board, a global independent business membership and research association working in the public interest, finds that only 45 percent of employees are satisfied with their work. But another survey shows a different angle that people who are unhappy with their life are unlikely to find job satisfaction. Regardless of all the studies, there are many people who believe that a happy person will be happy in any circumstances, but unhappy people find it hard to get satisfied, as they are keep cribbing and demanding about everything

Nathan Bowling, assistant professor at Wright State University and colleagues Kevin Eschleman and Qiang Wang undertook an analysis of the results of 223 studies carried out between 1967 and 2008. The studies investigated the combination of job satisfaction and life satisfaction or subjective well-being. The study also found a positive relationship between job satisfaction and life satisfaction, indicating that the two are linked.

The causal link between subjective well-being and subsequent levels of job satisfaction was found to be stronger than the link between job satisfaction and subsequent levels of subjective well-being.

Nathan Bowling, in his research mentioned that if people are, or are predisposed to be, happy and satisfied in life generally, then they will be likely to be happy and satisfied in their work. However, the flip side of the finding could be that those people who are dissatisfied generally and who seek happiness through their work may not find job satisfaction. Nor might they increase their levels of overall happiness by pursuing it.

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