August 29, 2011

The Unknown Rules of Business

Rules are basic instructions that are followed in any field. Be it office, be it sports or be it business. Everything is defined by set rules. Violating or breaking those rules would end up in a strict punishment. But how many of us know that there are some unwritten rules of business that needs to be followed.

Here are some of the unknown rules of business:

1. Always follow a two-way Mentorship:

Always follow a two-way Mentorship

Mentoring is very important in the field of business. A mentor supports you with motivation, source of ideas, counsels you and guides you through the toughest situations. They pass on valuable information. But you cannot be a bandit who takes it all and gives nothing. You can pass on that knowledge to someone below you who in turn gets mentored by you. You need to always remember that, as you aspire for someone's position, there is another individual who is looking up to your position. The chain of mentoring should go on. It's simple, if you want a great mentor; you need to be one first.

2. Never leave out or ignore the negatives:

Never leave out or ignore the negatives

Everything has a positive and negative aspect of it. It is not wise to concentrate on the positive points and ignore the negative points. There should be always a balance that needs to be maintained. The good news can be interesting, but the bad news could be critical. Positives are easy to deal with; negatives can make or break a business if the right people are not aware.

3.Never talk when you have nothing to say:

Never talk when you have nothing to say

Some people have the habit of making every conversation as their last say. Just to show that you involved with the rest of the group in the meeting, it is not necessary that you have to say something which makes no sense to the rest of them and does not make any relevance with what was discussed.

4. Never borrow someone's idea:

 Never borrow an idea

Ideas are the result of creative thinking of an individual. Even if you borrow a junior's idea, make sure that you give all the due credits. Steal an idea and the victim never forgets. And don't fall back on the old, "Well, they work for me, and we're a team" so I was just raising the idea on behalf of the team." No one goes for that excuse but you.

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