November 13, 2011

Rockstar Ranbir Makes it Big at Box Office


Rockstar is a movie that depicts the humbleness of a boy to become a rockstar inspired by Jim Morrison. To reach that high peak, the hurdles and mental stress faced by him is brought up on the silver screen naturally. The film is expected to be a hit in the box office like others and to be filled with audience to cheer the efforts of the entire team.

Rockstar Ranbir Makes it Big at Box Office

Produced by Dhillin Mehta and directed by Imtiaz Ali who has the fame of directing films like Jab We Met, Love Aaj Kal. The film stars Ranbir Kapoor, Nargis Fakhri and Shammi Kapoor.The music of the film is composed by A R Rahman and lyrics penned by Irshad Kamil.
Janardan (Ranbir Kapoor), born and brought up in the very middle class locality of Pitampura in Delhi, has a larger than life dream of being a rockstar like Jim Morrison. But all he gets from his reluctant audience is ridicule and humiliation. His wit's end, when he realizes that all musical stars; all artists in fact, have one thing in common - tragedy.

They have all suffered painful heartbreaks to become what they are. There is no pain in Janardan's life as it is an oasis of peace. Unless he does something drastic, he will never become a rockstar. Heer Kaul (Nargis Fakhri) is the undisputed diva of the college campus - beautiful, talented, arrogant, rich, and unavailable.

Janardan hopes that she will break his heart which will make him set for being a rockstar. He sets out to Heer with the sole object of getting his heart broken. Rockstar is the journey of a boy, who leaves behind Janardan to become Jordan; who traverses the highs and lows of life, from the pleasure of unaffected friendship to the torment of love, from the campus in Delhi to the international stage.

He ultimately gets all that his heart has ever desired but in the process shatters his heart forever. A foreign tour reunites him with Heer and their passive passion rekindles until Jordan is obsessed with her. What follows is the neurotic, lovelorn protagonist unable to get over his mixed emotions and confused definition of love.

Imtiaz Ali is known for his old wine in new bottle brand of cinema. Rockstar is very much engaging as it is in that familiar territory, where the director adds a refreshing touch to the regular romance drama. The casual chemistry that he induces between the lead pair through their eventful escapades has its moments of charm.

The passion play between them when they reunite after years is spontaneous, smoldering and yet tastefully achieved. Their reunion is also faintly reminiscent and Imtiaz Ali kick-starts the film with a montage song highlighting select significant sequences from the entire film.

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