December 12, 2011

Do You Fear Your Workplace?

Many of the employees in a company experience a fear factor because of various reasons and the most common reason is the fear of boss or any senior in the work place.This fear based working environment will not produce fruitful work from the employee. A work environment in which an employee experiences both restrained and aggressive nuisance, fears or hates to work at that place. This is a clear sign of a hostile work environment.

Jim Blasingame, the Small Business Advocate, said that, if the employee controls himself to propose his ideas to his senior, gradually he lose his creativity and if he loses creativity there can be no optimism and without optimism the courage is wounded and finally the trust weakens and relationship breaks


Here are few fears that you might have experienced at your workplace:

Do appearance really matters at work place? Actually it shouldn't, but the reality is that most certainly it does matter. Professionals need to be solely judged on their character, skill competencies and performance. But now a days looks matter. The fact is that if your smart looking you can actually bag a job and a heavy package of salary easily says a study. The fear can be over thrown with your self confidence but at the end of the day looks and beauty do matter at your workplace. Some people are so conscious about this that they fear about looking bad or ugly at a workplace which slowly contemplates them feel insecure.

A target oriented job is a fear factor for many employees. Achieving a particular target would be the soul goal of an employee, by which he might forget to keep a check on the quality of his work. The fear of being an under performer or loser grips his mind and makes him stay away from office at times. Some employees take targets as a challenge, but most of them fear it and achieve it through the targets through their fears.At that time they feel stressed and sometimes their work can get even more complicated, as they try to fasten up their work and end up doing mistakes.



In a work place the feeling of distrust is like a knife at your back. Distrust in discussing ideas, about workplace or their seniors would mean a place full of fears. Getting caught red hand in such an environment for voicing your opinion would be the biggest fear factor for any employee. The freedom to not speak out your mind makes employees uncomfortable and builds suspicion among themselves. Also if colleagues have a habit of stealing ideas would make them very cautious and will always maintain distance to guard themselves.



This can turn out to be a work place stress to the employees as they get the feeling that how much ever they struggle, their ideas are not seeing the light.When employees get busier by backstabbing rather than implementing their ideas they give up and just fear to express.




Some of the managers at the workplace create a sibling rivalry between their employees. They start cuddling one employee as a golden one and the other becomes the problem. Nothing, but office politics. Fear of not being daddy's favorite makes them unwanted and neglected. Fear cripples. Employees start aping each other. A competition to become the bosses' pet. One who is too honest fears of not gaining the bosses confidence and losses his originality of being what he is actually.

Many a times, when your senior gives you lots of work to handle in a single day, it can be because of your good job performance or it can be just your boss wants you to work all through the day as he may be having some rivalry with you, which you may not be knowing. When you don?t know the reason for that, you may be dragged into a dilemma. It can also lead you to fearful situation.





In office, there is always space for competitiveness between the employees.

This creates a kind of scary atmosphere that everyone is on their toes to rush to higher positions. At this time, if an employee gets higher position it creates a sought of pressurized and fearful situation in the employee who was working in the same position as similar to the promoted employee.This feeling is higher in those employees who would have worked in the same company for many years at the same level but the higher position is been occupied by the new employee who is younger to him in experience, less knowledgeable than him and also younger in age as well




The employee also gets doubtful to sustain his job when he commits mistakes repetitively. This fear in these employees is natural because in this competitive world there are many professionals who are waiting to grab the positions and many unemployed with high skills are waiting for good opportunities to get employed.

People can even get scared of them getting un-employed when they come to know about the shutting down of their company due to economic problems through newspapers and news channels and also in this recession driven period the companies are no doubt struggling and the employees are hesitating to ask any queries, issues or give opinion to their senior leaders at the office as they are scared of getting unemployed if their opinions and suggestions take a u-turn.



This sudden collapse of the global economy has created more workplace fear and the way many of the politicians and corporate managers have reacted to this condition is like they have poured fuel onto the fear fire, says Jim Blasingame, The Small Business Advocate. The only reason for this entire fear factor is the Great Depression which is affecting all over the world.?

Fear, is nothing but another emotion of human beings. The more you let it rule you, the more it creeps into you. Fear has to be dealt with utmost confidence and a strong mind. There is nothing wrong in fearing. In fact a little fear will always keep you bogged down and will not make you heads fly. But encouraging the fear feeling is not healthy

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