December 4, 2011

Most Dangerous Sports in World


Every sport has risk as Injury to the body is very common in outdoor games. There are people who have faced serious damages and even sometimes death. Extreme sports are where such incidents are seen mostly. They are fun, adventurous and entertaining but only till the player is safe. People trying out this must be highly courageous and challenging. They just not got talent but a special power to attempt. And here the tem most dangerous games listed.





Poms-Poms, high kicks, tumbling, dances, jumps and cheers are all what a cheerleader does. They are beautiful, attractive, have great physique with high flexibility. This sport needs a lot of training as balance plays a major role. Cheerleaders get thrown in air and build human towers which are very daring and risky. Even if one loses their balance will lead to collapse of all. There are many incidents were these attractive females got their face and other body parts damaged and lost their charm. It is awesome to watch but dangerous to perform.




Horse riding


Controlling an animal is not easy. And here horse riders have to control the horse and ride on them at a great speed. Riding and vaulting with horses is very difficult. While riding they tend to jump up and are much higher from the base which is very dangerous as the unpredictable nature of horses can lead to dreadful accidents if it turns furious




Bull Riding


The rodeo sports where the person has ride on a large bull and make efforts to stay for 8 seconds and the bull tries to buck off the rider. This is a very risky and life taking task. This sport has been called as the most dangerous 8 seconds in sports. The rules for this sport differ from one country to another. This sport is famous in countries like America, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, New Zealand and Australia. Only the professional bull riders are allowed perform. There are many people who have lost their life while executing the task




Cave Diving


A kind of technical diving in which special equipments are used to explore the caves that are filled with water. There are many types of equipment provided like rebreathers, diver propulsion vehicles and dry suits as there are high possible risks like decompression sickness and drowning. Despite of these threats, Scuba divers, cavers and Speleogists are attracted to this sport. Underwater caves are wonderful and have wide range of physical features and fauna which will not be found elsewhere. Any diving is dangerous but cave diving is the most dangerous sports.




Rock Climbing


Rock climbing is highly dangerous. Climbing natural rocks and artificial rock walls with just using hands, really sounds dreadful. If the grip and balance is lost survival is impossible. There are many deaths seen every year as this gravity game can kill the climbers anytime and is unpredictable. This extreme sport no wonder is in the list of most dangerous sport. Only sensible and well trained people can make a successful performance.


Motor cycling

This is not the normal motorcycle we ride ever day. Superbikes are used for this sport as their engines are built for speedy driving and acceleration. It is highly risky as the racers as the prime focus of the riders is to win the race. They ride in high speed and move so fast which may lead to accident. Such accidents can never be a minor one. Serious injuries or death is the only conclusion. There are racers who have lost their lives and so this shows how dangerous it is. Isle of Man TT event one of the famous motorcycling event where around 220 lives has been lost in hundred









At least ten deaths per year are seen in boxing. They cause serious injuries and long term damage which has listed this sport as most dangerous. Sometimes the players don’t use their pads on fist and too many hard thrashings on face can break the knuckles. Face and head takes the most of the damages while boxing.




Free running
The urban acrobatics which is the latest craze among people. You can see people jumping from one building to another with no supports like ropes and straps. Any rural landscape with free running structures can be performed and even street stunts are included. They way the move in free running looks very appealing and pleasing to the eyes. They look gifted with such talent where a lot of energy is used and put their life in danger.



Base Jumping

Jumping down from a building,valley, bridges carrying a parachute bag for safe l  anding. But the risk is when the chute fails there is no chance of survival as no one can help the jumper in air and no one can stop the person from reaching the ground. So this should be listed as one of the most dangerous sports.


Jumping out from the helicopter to the land on skis is called Heli skiing. This sport has led to many deaths and injuries per year. It is amazing to carry out and very adventurous. But is the sport where risk is highest. Heliskiers prefer to perform it only on powered snow, smooth corn snow, old growth tree glades and steep slopes. So this is topped the list of most dangerous sport.

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