February 23, 2012

How to Get Your Boss Fired?

Getting troubled by your manager every time is one of the worst work experiences you may go through at workplace. It’s true that technically brilliant person cannot always hold the managerial skills, but still they may be promoted to the higher authority. If one of them is your boss (- the bad boss- the jerk- the real prank- whatever you may call), you might be felt out-and-out wretched to work under him. You probably think you cannot get him/her fired, but you can if you chase a little. You should know what else you must do, before approaching the higher level authority. Perhaps, it is far better to try to find another job than get your boss fired. Sometimes, you cannot hold the idea of finding a better job than your current one. So, here you start to turn him off.

Your boss is bad at what?

If your boss has a bad personality, it cannot be the real ground for get him fired sometimes. His proven personalities which have been noted under sexual and racial discrimination or abusive behavior or unfair management practices or any illegal activities against any employee or the employer or the credit sucking character or less performance at work can be tracked to report.

Know that the odds are against you:

When you think about ‘getting your boss fired’, you must know it’s extremely difficult for you to throw out your boss.  Even though, you cannot be assured that a better manager will be replacing him/her, you should inform your upper management if you find out your superior is doing some illegal activities. Before approaching the superior authorities in your firm, you should consider whether you have enough materials to convince them that your manger is a loser. And it is better to know the relationship between your management and your boss. Also make sure whether your management is aware of your superior’s incapability.

Get hold of your co-workers:

If your superior is bad, of course, many of your teammates feel the same thing just like what you think. It is better to find whether your co-workers have similar experiences which can be more helpful when you attack against your boss. Interact with your teammates if you suppose he/she has been troubled because of the boss and also talk about your problems, so that both of you can dig more about your manager’s misbehavior or failure. But, be careful not to get in trouble as some of your teammates may alert the boss.

Document the evidence:

Apart from getting help from your co-workers, you should track the failures of your boss. You can find chase the time report, travel report, or expense reports to trap him. Before trying to trap him, you must keep a neat track in your workplace as your boss can turn against you if he knows. More than that, if you are not a best employee, your voice against your boss cannot make any sense in front of your management. Collecting some factual evidence about your manager's flaws will help you to convince them. However, your mission is not to track what your managers do but to do your work as well.

Approach the Right Person:

When you make complaints about your boss, make sure you are approaching the right person who has the authority to take action. In some companies, it is HR department while in some companies HR department may not be efficient to handle this problem. It is sensible to approach the superior of your boss. But if they both are in good terms, your complain will not help you and moreover, you will be committing a career suicide. You need to inform someone who is detached from your boss.

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