February 20, 2012

Top IT Companies Offering Work from Home Option



Who doesn’t want to work from home and earn good salary? Obviously, each one of you will be waiting for such a good chance in your career life. At the present day situation, there are many employees who wish to have the work from home option as the world has become so fast that people who have dual roles to play especially women are finding it difficult to manage both the professional and personal lives. So, as this expectation rate is increasing every day, the IT companies are giving it a thought and are thinking of good ways to strengthen their work-from-home policies that can help them to retain their best employees.

Here are 5 IT companies who are recognizing the benefits of work from home option and are beginning to strengthen their work from home policies as reported by Sujit John from The Times of India.



International Business Machines Corporation shortly called as IBM which is into manufacturing and selling computer hardware and software, Infrastructure, hosting and consulting services in the areas from mainstream computers to nanotechnology, is an American multinational technology and consulting corporation. This company has started allowing many categories of their employees to work from home.  According to Chandrasekhar Sripada, Head of HR, IBM, India, said that, as the current lifestyles have resulted in higher stress levels, the company has taken a positive view towards creating a favorable work environment to help their employees to combine both their work and life. He also said that work/life balance touches employee’s self-confidence, productivity and maintenance.




This American multinational information technology corporation, Dell is into developing, selling and supporting computers and related products and services and it is also the third largest PC maker in the world after the HP and Lenovo. Recently, in November 2011, the company launched a 3 month Connected Workplace pilot project in India and under this project; a selected team were given an opportunity to connect to the Dell network only through remote connection. Vijay Bharadwaj, VPHR, Dell India, is of the opinion that with the arrival of new mobility technologies, the company or offices need not be the only workplace for the employees as they can make sufficient use of these new technologies by working from home. He also said that flexibility on this front is a real option today






Infosys is a global technology Services Company is an Indian company headquartered in Bangalore. This company provides business consulting, technology, engineering and outsourcing services to help its clients in over 30 countries.  In this organization, if the employees work for 3.5 hours a day, it is considered as being present for the day and the rest of the working hours, employees can work outside their home by taking their manager’s permission.





4. Accenture

Accenture is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. It is considered as the largest consulting firm in the world. As of September month last year, this company consisted of 236,000 employees across 120 countries. This company has certainly proved to be the best company to work as it has a formal flexible working arrangement policy that permits its employees to take up flex time and work from home option. The company has many such employees who are been working from home for years

5. Yahoo

Yahoo is an American multinational internet corporation that is best known for web portal, search engine. It is considered as one of the biggest websites in the United States according to Wikipedia. This company has no problem in letting its employees to work from home. According to Aparna Ballakur, VP-HR, Yahoo India said that the company wants their employees to be available on calls while they work from home and also participate in meetings and must be able to meet the deadline allotted.

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