April 18, 2012

Is Attending Office Meeting A Waste of Time?

How many of you consider that attending a meeting is merely a waste of time? Well, in the book written b y Tim Ferriss named “The 4-hour Work Week” the one thing that attracted was ‘Avoid meeting at all cost’. In that it was said that even though it is your own business give the charge of conducting the meeting to another person so that you can concentrate on your work. Well, don’t you think this can be followed if you own a business of your own? Tim Ferriss, is of the opinion that attending the meeting is a giant waste of time, as reported on the Under Cover Recruiter website.

Tim has also mentioned that, if you really want to attend any meeting, just see that it has a clear agenda and a desired outcome. Even if you want to conduct a brainstorming session it will be good enough if you have a clear agenda to make the session worthy.

According to an infographic conducted by Sales Crunch, it has mentioned about how much money is been wasted every time in offices during worthless meetings. Here are some of the key findings from it.

1. As per the infographic, in a senior management level weekly meeting around $ 1,100 will be wasted in an hourly basis and when it comes to the monthly count about $ 4,400 has been wasted. In the managerial level meeting around $250 per hour is been wasted and in the monthly basis about $ 1,000 is been wasted.

2. What can make a successful meeting?

Well, it has been found that, having shorter worthy meetings is better than useless long hours meeting. Keep the deadline of completing the meeting in 30 minutes and then you will be able to complete it by getting into the main point of the meeting.

3. If you are conducting a meeting for the sales or marketing collateral keep in mind to keep your decks shorter if you want the people to read them. A deck is nothing but a slideshow, proposal or a follow up material. A short deck can be 1 to 20 pages, medium deck can be 20 to 40 pages and the long deck can be more than 40 pages. Maximum of 52 seconds must be meant to complete reading each page if it is 1 to 10 pages, maximum of 35 seconds must be spent on each page if it is 41 to 50 pages, and finally maximum of 10 seconds should be spent if the deck is more than 100 pages.

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