July 25, 2012

Have You Planned Web Application Development Strategy? …….Part III

The corporate IT organization has got up and going after the dot com bubble burst in 2000. Many companies had reduced their IT department staff to cut costs which was not going to work since automation was one of the prime reasons why companies could be profitable. By offshore software outsourcing and web development, companies opted to share their work with specialty providers who could work at reduced rates. The offshore web application development model has helped many clients as well as providers to work cost-effectively.

Developed countries are happy following the lucrative outsourcing policy although unemployment is on a high in those countries. Skilled technicians and developers are hired in the eastern world at reduced prices and a virtual infrastructure meets their requirements. The IT companies have cropped out of nowhere to make the most of the current scenario, especially in India and other Asian countries.

Many of the companies are always looking for experts in programming languages like .Net, Java or PHP who can easily create custom applications tailored to their business demands and needs. There has been a fantastic response from clients who are trying to upgrade their applications to .NET so that they can benefit from the new and improved features.

There are many offshore web application development companies which can assist in non-core tasks if the company belongs to another sector other than IT. There is a better chance that western companies prefer offshoring their tasks so that they get high quality at cost-effective prices. Hiring web developers at a full-time basis helps considerably on the financial front and hence there are many virtual workers who are hired to do non-core tasks for a company.

One needs to see that the shortlisted selections of providers should not be haphazard. The vendors in outsourcing destinations like India should be checked thoroughly for their background and other characteristics like communication skills and technical expertise. Good quality work and experience in the industry is crucial.

The web application development provider is required to be adept with the latest technologies. Expertise in open source technologies and CMS like Drupal and Magento is perfect too. To save time and effort, one can reutilize similar app code for swifter response time. Most web application developers have an inbuilt strategy to create standard web applications using the coding that they have already done for different modules for another client.

The eastern countries boast of a huge pool of talent who are hard-working and cost-effective compared to their western counterparts. Different types of companies and their different needs required different solutions but sometimes the base is the same. Offshore software development providers always strive to make an impression so that they are proved to be indispensable.

It is evident that offshore web application development can help out several companies across the world for profit-making. Here are the typical benefits:

  • One can concentrate on core business activities and outsource the non-core ones

  • Employ in-house staff for creating business applications

  • Use custom solutions which are tailored to typical requirements

  • Obtain independent analysis for each of the services provided by the vendor

  • Better ROI and reduced TCO

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