November 26, 2012

Is Money The Only Source For Career Happiness?

If you are a professional, here is a tough question for each one of you. The question is, what do you consider as the source for your career happiness, is it about climbing up the career ladder by getting promoted to higher levels by your hard work or is it all about the pay you are offered wherever you go? Truly, it is one of the most difficult questions you wouldn’t have ever heard. It is true that, higher positions will help you earn big bucks in your career path. But sometimes, to earn big bucks in your higher positions, you need to experience more stress and complications at workplace, which can lessen your happiness level at workplace.

But, this might not be agreed by many of you and so by the respondents who were recently surveyed by the jobs site Yes, according to this survey, it was figured out that, the employees who were well paid by their employers, responded a higher level of happiness in their professional life, no matter how hard they had to work, reports Jacquelyn Smith in the Forbes website.

Chief Executive Officer of the CareerBliss website Heidi Golledge, said that, it is the employee happiness that defines all the workplaces. Continuing, Golledge added that, before, employees were happy if they were just paid on time and hopefully with a good pay, but now it is different as the overall job and life satisfaction are complexly tied together.

fter CareerBliss analyzed around sixty nine thousand job reviews by the employees between the years 2011 and 2012, it figured out that for most of the employees, it was only the money which had the capacity to buy happiness for them at the workplace. The survey also figured that, professionals who were earning around $ 40,000 and $ 50,000 annually were least happy about their pay, but those professionals who were earning around $ 400,000 and $ 450,000, were reported to be the happiest professionals among all of them surveyed.

Bradley Brummel, a Ph.D holder in workplace psychology, analyzed the data of the CareerBliss survey and said that, along with a good pay, an employee can also experience happiness at workplace by having interesting tasks to complete, good company of colleagues, sufficient amount of freedom and flexibility.

So, with a good pay, you can probably be happy with almost all the aspects of your professional life, but not with your entire life. It is left to you to decide.

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