February 28, 2014

Why Architecture ?

Architecture is prominent term in Software, still many development teams lose focus on architecture or better to say they overlook architecture. Due to project pressure, they quickly arrive on development and thus spend zero or nominal amount on architecture. Though in many occasions it happens due to delivery & customer pressure; because “seeing is believing” and a typical client couldn't understand the architecture or value of architecture; thus the pressure goes on to design screen and show something to client; to get his attention back. This is the birth of a long term & costly mistake.

Let me show you a picture 

This “Picture says all”….
We should learn first; how to finish and that learning/visibility come from a good architecture design. In absence of good architecture, we landed up in a situation; where project goals are not met and customer is not satisfied with the application. The project team is engaged in fixing some or the other issues and keep on increasing the project cost.

A good architecture describe you; how can you meet your project objectives and moreover how can future objectives (which are not planned or not depicted) can also be met with zero or nominal efforts. This provides extendibility and upgradability of system.

Project organizations need to invest thorough time for designing and development of an appropriate architecture, take external expert opinion on it, before starting any development efforts. As mentioned here “External Expert Opinion” this is a key to success. No matter you can have best architects in your team; but due to various organizational elements the possibility of a biased design is increases. That’s why by evaluating your architecture with external experts, then they can come up with out-of-the-box thinking and can evaluate the design with various relative parameters.
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