November 10, 2017

Data Visualization Tools

Big data is being used in every industry throughout the world. The amount of Big Data being produced is increasing rapidly. In Big Data Analytics this data is used and analysed such that it can be beneficial for the business. Analytics involves a number of technologies. However, it is an art in itself to analyses this data and structuralize it in such a way that it is appealing and useful. It is therefore important for a big data analyst to be thorough with Data Visualization along with other data analytics tools.
The know-how of these tools is a must for a data analyst.

Google Charts

Google Charts is the first step into the world of Data Visualization. This is a must have tools. Moreover, it is the easiest to learn and use. It can be used even on huge data sets. Also, it is efficient at handling real-time data. Lastly, it is a tool you can use for free. This is the perfect tool to start learning and experimenting Data visualization.


This tool is the most used Data Visualization tool by a data scientist. It is used for manipulating data and is available for everyone. Tableau has two other variants, ‘Tableau Server’ and ‘Tableau online’. These two are specifically designed for Big Data Organizations.


This tool lets you link its visualization and info-graphics to real time data. This is what makes this tool so appealing. Infogram has a variety of templates that you can choose from. Moreover, this tool lets you personalize its templates, add visuals such as charts, images, videos etc.


This is a tool written purely in Java Script. Therefore, requires its users to have prior knowledge of java. An execution on HighCharts requires two .js files
  • js
  • jQuery
This tool provides you with a range of data visuals like line, bar, column etc. This is a tool to use if you are fond of programming.

Fusion Charts

This is a java script charting library. It is used for web and mobile devices and has clients including giants like Google, Microsoft, Intel etc. Again, this is a tool that would require you to have prior knowledge of java. It allows you to export charts in formats like PNG, JPG and PDF. Moreover, it is available for use in android, IoS, and Windows.

The knowledge of these tools is definitely going to set you apart.

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