July 24, 2011

Best and worst questions asked in the job interviews

Interviews do end up being success for few and disaster for many. Why does it turn up to be a disaster? Lack of preparation is the main reason. Being presentable is not what all company expects. How does your brain work is what they want to know. Questions asked in the interviews can be interesting as there are best and worst questions put up in front of the interviewee. Few general questions are listed down so that you work on these before going of any other interview in future.

Do ask: 1. what is the biggest strength you will bring to the organization?
This is a very sensible question to ask in the start of the interview. To know the capability and how much effort the interviewee has taken to prepare for the interview this will be the best question to ask first. This is a mind boggling question to answer as the interviewee has to give his best answer to impress the HR.

Don't ask: 1. How many warnings you get before you are fired?
This is a very rude question still the HRs don't hesitate to ask when they are searching for a hardcore performer and especially in the challenging organizations like ad agencies and media related organizations would never mind asking such questions as they are too liberal which do lead to disasters in the organization

Do ask: 2. What are the things you do not like to do and don't want to work on?
This will make the ideas of the interviewee crystal clear to the HR. What does he/she wants to do and are they capable enough to get hired for the post.

Don't ask: 2. Why do you want to leave the office before you have even seen it?
After your interview the HR gets the confidence to hire you he/ she would like you to have a look at the work place at that point of time you should never say 'no', it would create a very bad impression. You can just look through the office and how people work. It's all for your good. It's a good sign when the HR wants you to take a look at the office. No company's HR would be interested to show their office to the candidate whom they don't want to hire.

Do ask 3. First 5 things you would do if you got this position.
This question can make the HR realize what you can actually do for the organization and how good you are as a starter.

Don't ask 3. Do you think you can keep up with these younger whipper snappers?
This is very harsh to ask but there are HRs who won't mind asking such questions. They make full use of their power. He/she can ask you if you can handle these young employees around you even if you are a young person so that they see how you react to situations. Be cool at such times, don't panic.

Do ask: 4. Where would you like to see yourself in the coming years?
This question is asked by the HR to know what is your main goal in life and if you will be a permanent employee of the company if you are hired. This is very diplomatic question as they are not bothered if you ever achieve your goal or don't achieve.

Don't ask: 4. What can you do for us that others can't?
This is a very challenging question and do prepare for this question before attending any interview. The question actually means "why should we hire you?" don't bring a pause or silence in the atmosphere but give a quick answer.

Do ask: 5. What was it like working for your supervisor?
This is asked to know how much you respect the job and also your boss. This shows the whole dedication you show to the job and also your attitude in a workplace.

Don't ask: 5. Why hasn't anyone hired you yet?
This is a very discouraging question but that doesn't mean the HR has lost interest in you. All they want is perfect answers.

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