July 25, 2011

Are you a CEO material?

Yes, the debate over whether CEOs are born or made goes on and on; however, you can figure out if you have the CEO instincts in you through analyzing your skills and ways of functioning. CEOs and efficient managers think differently while still staying within the limits. There are many traits by which you can identify the management bug in you such as working well with people, good strategic sense, a well-balancing work and personal life etc. Are you one of those who dream of becoming a CEO? Then check out if you possess these qualities.

1. Financially savvy

Today's highly competitive and complicated corporate world demands its leaders to be armed with cross business knowledge. The art of business has a new meaning now and that almost all the businesses are globally connected at some level. Therefore, it's a basic necessity that CEOs must be financially literate which is needless to say should go beyond accounting. You need to be a master of numbers by which you can not only understand the results but also identify the problems, spot the trends and plan up ways to meet the challenges.

2. Accepts challenges

Challenges, both known and unforeseen, are obvious to come when your business grows. A leader should be able to face them with a positive attitude and as you move forward, your confidence level will increase to face any unforeseen problems. Flexibility is one of the finest qualities a CEO should possess as business always demands its leaders to migrate to new innovative ways. A manager can accept challenges only when he comes out of his prejudices and look at every possibilities to solve the problems

3. Puts company ahead of his ego

Ego is said to be the biggest enemy of a CEO. An ideal CEO puts his company ahead of his ego. Yes, it's true that entrepreneurs enjoy the spotlight; however, you need to be willing to take the steps that are best for the company even if it demands you to stay out of the spotlight. Ego at work will lead to arrogance which eventually will make you blind. Its here you need to learn the art of balancing ego gratification and self-effacement. CEOs make sure that the vision and mission of the company is given the ultimate importance than his egos.

4. Passionate about problem solving

CEOs are trouble shooters, so they nurture a passion for problem solving. You need to quickly figure out the problems that require your attention and which don't. Also, you need to identify whom you can enlist in solving which problems. You will have to foster a passion to learn new skills on problem solving and decision making. CEOs prioritize the problems and set aside time for them according to their gravity. You need to analyze the pattern of the problem your company faces and make problem solving a strategic process rather than a reactive or tactical process.

5. Foresees and persistent

A CEO should be able to see around corners - meaning to say that he should be able to foresee well in advance what steps to be taken for the best of his business. He needs to identify the problems and risks in advance and plan out things that will take his organization forward. As former US President Calvin Coolidge said, "not talent, not genius and not education but persistence and determination alone are omnipotent." The quality of persistence makes you a better and stronger person. It helps you to move forward no matter what happens.

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