July 27, 2011

Dealing With Office Politics

How many of you have ever got into office politics? Or have ever quit your job because you could not handle office politics anymore? Office politics is common in every organization, though we do not want to get into it yet we cannot stay completely out of it too. A prominent topic within any work campus and one of its gruesome impacts is that one can even lose one's job in the hands of some political players. In fact, it is always seen that despite all efforts in some way or the other one ends up being involved directly or indirectly in it. The level of politics also differ from organization to organization, while some are very explicit and are completely immersed in a deep corporate political environment, others maintain a subtle approach within boardrooms. So, a quick survey allowed us to see how employees in various office environments are coping with the scenario and here we enlist a few of them which are said to be most effective.

Be Professional

Professionalism is the best credo to stay out of politics. Maintain a mindset that your office or workplace is purely a professional place, where you go for just work. You should maintain a professional attitude towards your colleagues or your boss, without entertaining any get- personal talks. Be reserved and avoid making yourself the talk of your office.

Stay away from gossip

Gossiping is one of the most dangerous problems in workplace. It's like a disease that does not leave anybody rather it spreads easily. Though gossiping is prohibited in workplace, yet office is the center of gossiping and it's unavoidable, moreover it can also lead to problems in the workplace. Gossip can be fun for the first time, but it can lead to dirty politics later. More you will be away from gossiping, more you will be away from politics. Make sure that you mind only about your work, not what is going around in others life. Stay away from people who gossip and at the same time do not give them any chance to gossip with you. It may end up creating enemy at work.

Remain Neutral

Do not get into any group, be neutral to everybody. You should not join into a group who harass a co-worker or a newcomer. Partiality is one of the most destructive, uncivilized and unethical behaviors on the job. You should be always neutral to your co worker as well as new employees. Moreover avoid controversial comment on anybody or on anyone's work related activity. With such an attitude, you will tend to command more respect from your co-workers.

Think before you speak

Never join your colleagues in discussing bad about your boss or superior. Think before you say anything about them. Later your words may be taken in a negative way and it may ruin your impression as well. Count every word of yours and speak only what is necessary. Always remember that office is not the place to burst out your emotions or frustrations. The way you speak matters a lot to deal with office politics.

Do not misuse your power

Once one gets power, they tend to misuse it by harassing their juniors or co workers. It's better not to use your power only for your benefit but to help others also. If you start misusing your power definitely you will become the center of office politics. Your attitude should be always to co ordinate with your colleagues rather than showing your bossy nature. Your wrong attitude may fuel more office politics.

Have you been a part of the office politics? If so then how have you dealt with it?

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