July 29, 2011

Is Your Website Effective?

Website works wonder for any organization, if done right. Especially for startups where money is tight, they rely on their sites to get more traction and business. However, sometimes even an attractive website does not work. Have you ever wondered why? Did you find the reason behind it? Follow the following suggestions and check for the difference.

Quality and Exception

When you create SEO content, overloading your content with key words would not work. You need to create a sound, unique and exceptional content and the keywords should be placed strategically within your content. Your website should contain information about your company details, such as its formation, partners, investors, management team and many more. Keep a track of the essentials that requires be enhanced and emphasized in due course of time as and when required.

No Hidden Drama

Do not create a website with hidden information, where one needs to go in, set back and keep on searching. Create a homepage with all the sub-headings that will easily let the visitor to view relevant information that he requires about your company and product/service. An easily accessible site is more appealing and informatics.

Create a Difference

Specify your company and product/service you deal with. The home page of your company's website should contain all the relevant information where one can go and link to know the detail with simple steps. If certain page requires assistance to view, provide that. Be clear and create a difference by being simple.

Contact Details

Many companies' website lack contact details. Not even a phone number is mentioned for reference, forget about the address and site details. As a startup, few would probably know about your company's address. It is better to provide a detailed contact specifying the mailing address, phone number and email address. If possible, provide a map for the visitors for an easy access to your office. If you have offices other than your corporate office, do not forget to mention it with all the details.

Start Blogging

Become a blogger before you become an entrepreneur. Create an image in the market before entering into it. Keep answering to questions, it is a two way process. By answering others questions, you might get an answer to one of your own question. Do not forget to link your company's website in your blog. Create a Facebook page for your company so appealing that it forces the people to like it

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