July 2, 2011

Why men don't cry and women don't smoke.

Why men don't cry has been a big question among every woman because the tear glands of women are always activated. Woman cries on happy occasions too. But it's hard to see a man crying on any situation, however, pathetic it is. It's not that they don't feel bad or get hurt; it's just their sub conscious mind warning them telling "Don't cry". Women don't smoke? Why? This has been a very important topic discussed among men especially when they smoke or drink and socialize together. For both the questions the answers are revealed below.

Why men don't cry and women don't smoke.

Man's emotional life is as complex and rich as a woman. Men have control over their emotions and their brain keep warning them not to cry at any situation; may it be the death of a person to whom he is close to, or breaking apart from a relationship, or an emotional movie with full drama, or even when they have to face accidents causing injuries. In this male chauvinistic society, men are not allowed to cry. They do have tear glands and tears do come out from their eyes which they would call it as something like water but not tears. They would never accept even if they cry. Men always talk about moving on in life when they find the situations getting worse around them. They act as if they challenge the society and even if they fail they wouldn't cry. It's about the male ego which would never allow them to do that.
Women do have same amount of stress and problems as men. They have to manage their sweet home, child, husband and their often ridiculous in laws, yet they never think about smoking. Men do opt for smoking when they have to undergo or face unpleasant things. Even for a little stress or a problem, man lights a cigarette and sometimes for no reason as the addictive nicotine instigates him to smoke.

Women do face many unpleasant things in her life but for the relaxation or to get away from her stress, she won't think smoking would be a good solution. They would try to solve their problems or just weep all the time and compromise with their life. The society would never accept a women who smoke because of the prejudice in the society that men can smoke and drink but not women. Women themselves are very health conscious as they undergo stages of menstruation, reproduction and the responsibilities in bringing up their children. Their delicate duties would never bring up such thoughts in their mind.

Both women and men are emotional and have control over their emotions at their own levels and depend on the way they take life as. When a woman smokes, she is found disgusting by people and same is when a man cries. Sometimes people have to live for the society's sake for their survival with respect and dignity.

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