January 31, 2012

Face the Toughest Job Interview Question in the World

As the hiring managers at present are more cautious while hiring their candidates, the interview technique has changed in the recent days. Candidates are finding it difficult to get through the interview easily. Well, to a company, it is very necessary to follow the toughest process at the time of the interview, as the competition with other companies has increased rapidly in the present day situation. 


According to Martin Yate, Career Strategist, Author, Job Search Expert in the Knockemdead Website, the toughest job interview question of the year 2012 is, "Your job exists to help your employer achieve and maintain profitability. How do your efforts support these goals?” The answer for this kind of question can only be answered when you have the capacity to understand the spirit of the job you are hunting.


As Martin says, this particular question has two parts, the first one is, your job survives to help your employer achieve and maintain productivity of the company and the second part is that knowing the fact, how your hard work can support your companies goals. This particular question even though you think to give it a second thought before answering, it is not very difficult to answer it because it is quite common that every organization likes to hire those candidates who are capable of supporting them to gain productivity to their companies.

To answer the toughest question more effectively, the only thing you must keep in mind is that you need to know the true strengths of the job offered to you, you must know to identify and prevent any problems that can affect your company and if you are not able to prevent it, you must know how to solve the problems as early as possible.

Try to explain your interviewer, how effectively you can contribute to achieve the productivity of the company even by your small contribution.


If you have got through the toughest interview successfully, your responsibility doesn’t stop there, in fact it is the beginning of your performance. As you are given the responsibility of specific area, it is your responsibility to guess the future problems that can rise in your respective area of concern; you must be capable enough to explain how you can carry out your work to prevent the problems in your work.


If at all the problem arises even after you had tried to control it, try to handle and solve the problem carefully without affecting your vendors, customers and also your co-workers who at the end must have to deal with the results of your work.

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