January 31, 2012

Are You Working in a Hell?

 Are You Working in a Hell?

‘What the hell!’, - an often heard shout at a work place, isn’t it? Probably, ‘a hell lot of things’ are bothering you like anything. Are you satisfied with this workplace atmosphere? If your mouth is untied out of fear, you may say ‘no’.  What has gone wrong at your workplace? Bad co-workers, bad boss or bad technology or what? But these are some common challenges at every company that are neither be avoided nor changed. Even if you change your boss, you will not be assured to get a good boss. It doesn’t mean to work in the same hell. The way to get rid of this hell is nothing rather than changing your work attitude. Before pointing fingers to others, analyze what’s actually wrong. Don’t you have any interest in this job? Are you not passionate about your work?

People who have strong passion and strengths to do their job never find so many wrong things are happening around them. We read all the “best persons” stories - how did they come into the ‘best’ list, without stones and thorns? How Joe Girard became the ‘greatest salesmen in the world’? All stories convey the two-points, “passion and strengths”. One of the greatest strengths is passion but it is an instinctive. Other strengths such as punctuality, friendly nature, and other efficiencies can be attained as if you wish so.

Find out whether you are working a right place or not. The Great English Critic Jon Ruskin says, “When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece.” If you want to be successful and happier in your career, you should love your work. You may not be working in your interested field; here success is more dangerous as it can lock you forever with that praising tongues and handful money along with more opportunities.




When you search for a job, make sure you are not grabbing a job which satisfies only your parents’ expectations but yours’.  Before immediately joining for a job, start doing internships in your academic time itself. So, you will understand what that particular job actually demands from an employee. Lack of interest in the working field may later demand you to do a complete 180 in your career search. It may sound like, well, hell. It is better if you could prepare internship or job in your interested field than later branch out the field. Yeah, this is the time for you to polish work with strengths and passion.

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