January 31, 2012

Lies that Recruiters Tell the Candidates………


The recruiters in today’s corporate business world have to deal with several lies from clients, applicants, managers etc throughout the day. As a result they tend to get pretty frustrated and start lying to the candidates as well. However they should realize the fact that their lying can spoil the image of the employment brand. Instead of taking the support of lies they can apply some other tactics that will not annoy the candidate and will also safely secure the brand name of the company. According to monster thinking listed below are the top five lies that recruiters tell the candidates.

1. Future Opportunities:  If a candidate is rejected in a job interview instead of saying that he will be considered for chances in future. Recruiters should directly tell the candidate why he is rejected and should suggest the candidate some relevant experience or training that is required for the designation. This is sure to increase his chance to bag the same opportunity later in life.

2. Salary is calculated on experience: Remember that salary tops the list for applicant’s motivations in seeking a new job opportunity. It is not worthwhile to discuss the candidate’s current compensation or expected pay package during the interview. However instead of telling he/she that the salary is depended on experience tell him /her that the salary is non- negotiable. If you are interviewing the candidate for a specific position give Him/her the details of the  complete range and ask him/her that whether it matches their requirement. By this you are sure to keep future complications at bay.

3. The result will be sent: It is always advisable for recruiters to directly say the candidates that they are rejected. If you tell the candidates the result will be posted via e-mail, he /she will continue to wonder what the results are and his/her expectations for the position will continue to remain the same. Instead of that if they are directly said about their rejection in the interview. They can start looking for some other jobs that will better match their qualification, skill and experience.

4. Interested but looking for other applicants: If you need some other information from the applicant in order to finalize the decision. Ask him/her to directly furnish you with the details. If the applicant comes to know that there is a good opportunity of bagging the offer, by providing the details mentioned by you. He/she is sure to render that information to you. Never hesitate to directly tell the candidate what are your requirements for the position.

5. Reference by a mutual contact: It is very important for the recruiters to tell the candidate directly and honestly how they got the information to contact that applicant. As it proves to be quite helpful for the candidates to learn what made them more visible in front of the recruiters. This is sure to benefit the hiring programs later.

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