July 3, 2012

Tech-Savvy Spiritual Gurus of India

The world is racing to progress in every field possible, and people want to be better than their competitors; and so arises the need for spiritual mentors, people who help the individual not lose themselves to the race.

Though such mentors are expected to be engrossed in meditation, to be recluses, and to be everything other than tech-savvy,here are some Spiritual Gurus who go against the grain of
conformity, and are up to date with technology.

Spiritual mentors of today are keeping abreast with technology and are helping individuals and masses via social networks. Amma and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar are keeping their followers updated with clear spiritual insights on Facebook and Twitter.

In doing so, not only are they able to provide more people solace, but they are also able to reach out to the new generation that communicates mainly via social networking sites and upcoming technology.

1. Mata Amritanandmayi Devi

The “hugging saint”, or “mother” as she is lovingly called is active on Facebook, Twitter, has channels on YouTube, and Vimeo, sends out monthly newsletters, posts regularly on her blog. Technology also keeps her followers updated about her movements, teachings, and conferences across the world via regular webcasts.

2. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

The founder of “Art of living” and “International Association for Human Values” organizations is one of the most seen faces in this respect. His activity on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube makes him a tech-savvy guru, who is also accessible via email. One can subscribe to his teachings via monthly e-newsletters, RSS feeds, mobile apps and gadgets. He recently requested Anna Hazare (via Twitter and Facebook) to stop his fast and continue the agitation since he was concerned about Hazare’s health

3. Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

Rajshri, from Chennai, had one question in life- “how can one overcome fear?” Sadhguru sent her an answer via a post on Kavitha Chhibber’s website “Fear is always about what will happen in the next moment. It’s never about the present. When the future is not yet manifested, and not an existed reality why be afraid? You are actually suffering for that which does not exist-and so you cannot overcome that which does not exist.” Known as a mystic, Jaggi Vasudev Sadhguru is the Founder of the Isha foundation, which focuses on yoga, and meditation. He has a Facebook page, is active on Twitter, and has a podcast as well. He is very accessible via email, and answers questions from people around the world.

4. Swami Tejomayananda

As the present head of the Chinmaya mission, Swami Tejomayananda believes that humility is the single quality of a genuinely spiritual soul, as God is the real doer of all things, and the soul is just an instrument. He has a YouTube channel, webcasts his seminars and teachings, and writes a number of articles that are published on the internet. Chinmaya has an internet TV channel that he teaches on and he has two blogs as well. Moreover, he has a LinkedIn profile that makes him accessible to professionals

5. Nithya Shanthi

An MBA from XLRI (Xavier’s Labor Resource Institute) in Jamshedpur, Nithya Shanthi worked in the fields of Corporate Strategy and HR Management. He then went on to become an ordained Buddhist monk. He is the founder of the Nithya Shanthi Foundation, and has a channel each on Vimeo, and YouTube. He is very active on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. He also has his own blog called ‘Happiness University’.

6. Mother Maya

Maya Tiwari, known as “Mother Maya”, was a leading American fashion designer before she made the decision to become a Vedic Monk and spiritual teacher. She has a blog, a couple of websites, and uses Facebook, and Twitter

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