September 8, 2014

Critics, criticism and wisdom

Life is amazingly interesting and you will simply love it for the challenges it throws at every stage, as every set-back bears with it the seeds of come-back. Experiences of people shall help you to gain knowledge whereas when you undergo a compelling experience, it helps you gain wider perspectives and insights, blessing you with wisdom. So what is your view, does wisdom really urge or desist one from criticizing? This is a dilemma folks from different age groups in my network and workplace shared with me, during our conversations. 

Well! Apparently this dilemma has put me into a deep thought, as my yet evolving wisdom is curious nonetheless. I am researching on how to unleash the innate emotional potential because I believe if you are in sync. with your emotions, the entire world appears harmonized. So one does experience emotional discord as a result of criticism received but the good news is that if one is not criticized, may not be doing much.  So here is some food for thought, in context with criticism that comes to my mind

1. Sometimes criticism may be the truth and the love in disguise, recognize it; But if someone has given you impulsive criticism that has left emotional scars, turn wounds into wisdom and smile that it is over and get over it!

2.Sharing strengths is equally essential, in my opinion; it is an emotional misconduct to provide negative criticism in the name of feedback without complimenting for the strengths. Even the devil is not as black as painted!

3.At the receiving end of criticism, sometimes you may have to just hear out the critics who have not themselves won medals to prove their capabilities, they delight in clipping wings for their own insecurities as they can’t venture up in the sky. Kudos to you for making an attempt to fly!

4.Self-criticism is a rarely unique art which could be the best approach to provide constructive criticism but we must learn to identify and read people who want praise in the name of criticism and who genuinely seek feedback.

5.A balanced feedback can make or break the purpose of constructive criticism for there is an evident rationale behind why doctors prescribe medicines having identified the illness, and the fact that doctors prescribe the right doze of medicines indicates that it has to be a step by step process, keeping in mind the mental capacity of a body. The objective of the doctor here is crystal clear i.e. treating illness, period! So don’t criticize until you believe you are accomplished enough to provide solutions as well because the objective of criticizing must be more about raising a soul up irrespective of the role you are playing, that of a friend, peer, manager, leader or a parent. Feedback or criticism should be like a gentle rain aiming at nurturing the plant and certainly not too sharp to destroy the emotional roots; remember these emotional roots help the hearts beat to live a life full of zest.

Two questions one must deliberate upon in this context are fundamentally pertinent to ask yourself. 

Do you wish to jeopardize your dreams and passionate ambitions that would build your joyful future or do you want to run consistently toward your dreams, and not away for a fear of failure or criticism? Secondly, would you wish to do things you have conviction for and that bring joy to your soul and a smile to your heart, for you’ll be criticized anyway! Invariably, you will be challenged by others if you do something, and challenged by destiny if you don’t do anything, so might as well do something!?

That said, don't doubt every inch of the earth you are stepping on to, it will only create a lifeless statue of you, so MOVE ON! Thus, my learning is that wisdom neither urges nor desists from criticizing; Wisdom only unleashes potential of a heart full of love and warmth; love and warmth that every human survives on and envisions to nurture in an ideal utopia.
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